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Other Problems

Tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC) can cause several other conditions throughout the body, including in the eyes and mouth. These growths are fairly common and usually do not cause serious problems.

Keep Track of Changes

Keep track of any changes in the appearance of your teeth or inside of your mouth. Let your doctors know of any changes or disturbances in your vision or oral health.

Signs & Symptoms

  • Area on the eye that is raised or lighter in color than the surrounding tissue
  • Growths on the gums
  • Pits in the enamel of the teeth

TSCLife is here to help.

Know what to expect and how to talk to your circle of care.

Manage Your Symptoms

Ophthalmologist and dentist

  • Ophthalmologists specialize in the structure, function, and diseases of the eye
  • Dentists specialize in the care of teeth and gums to prevent and treat oral-health conditions

Keep appointments with your doctors to check eyes and teeth:

  • Eye exams
  • X-rays of your teeth

Keep regular visits with your specialists:

  • Get your eyes examined each year and talk with your eye specialist about any issues or concerns
  • Visit your dentist twice a year and discuss how TSC may affect your oral health
  • Have x-rays of your whole mouth by 7 years of age (these are called panoramic x-rays)

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